2nd Quarter 2022 Commentary

Navigating In A Changing World A dilemma is defined as, “a situation in which a person has to choose between things that are all bad or unsatisfactory”1. I would guess most of you agree with me, the world seems to change at a faster rate than it once did, and when...

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1st Quarter 2022 Current Commentary

Exciting Times, Boring Strategy For better or worse, I think that anyone paying attention can agree that we live in exciting times. There are many positives in the world: technological innovation, encouraging employment numbers, positive long-term trends in global...

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4th Quarter 2021 Commentary

  JUST A FEW THOUGHTS AS FRED RETIRES   As Rita and I retire at the end of 2021, Rob asked me to write a Quarterly Commentary reflecting back on my career: I started my financial career at CIGNA Financial Services in 1985. I learned a great deal under CIGNA’s...

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3rd Quarter 2021 Commentary

WHY IS IT SUDDENLY COSTING $40.00 (OR MORE) TO FILL UP WITH GAS?   Since the beginning of 2021 inflation has been rising in the United States.  Inflation occurs when prices of goods and services rise over time, eroding the value of our money.  If you used to buy...

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2nd Quarter 2021 Commentary

Cryptocurrencies:          Bitcoin, Coinbase, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Bitcoin is by far the most well-known cryptocurrency. Bitcoin backers believe Bitcoin is the future. These believers keep buying Bitcoin regardless of the ups and downs of day-to-day valuations....

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1st Quarter 2021 Commentary

PANDEMIC LOCK-DOWNS MAY RESULT IN PERMANENT CHANGES It has been just over 12 months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US. During that time, many states and major cities may have been changed forever. Let’s take New York City as an example. Since the pandemic hit in...

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4th Quarter 2020 Current Commentary

DON’T MAKE FINANCIAL DECISIONS OUT OF FEAR Financial Professionals Inc. was incorporated in 1994. During that time, we have faced a lot of situations that have created fear and uncertainty; Y2K, Terrorist Attacks on 9-11, the stock market crash in 2008, just to name a...

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2020 2nd Quarter Commentary: Keeping Our Eye on the Ball

Over the last couple of years leading up to January 15, 2020, The USA produced the strongest economy and the best stock market in the history of the world.  That came to an abrupt halt when the Corona Virus/ Covid-19 Pandemic breakout occurred on a world-wide basis....

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2020 1st Quarter Commentary: HOW TO HANDLE A TAX AUDIT

Before we get into tax issues: WE HAVE GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK: IT WILL END! Historically, when we have had severe downturns in the markets, we spend a lot of time speculating about what caused it and how long it will last. THIS TIME WE KNOW WHAT...

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