Our Thoughts on Recent Market Volatility

Monday – March 9 – was the eleventh anniversary of the crescendo of global panic that marked the bottom of the bear market of 2007-09. It is to us a thing of the most wonderful irony that the world has elected to celebrate this iconic anniversary with – you guessed it...

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2018 3rd Quarter Commentary – PUTTING UP HAY IN THE BARN

As we approach autumn, many farmers are putting up hay. Farmers store hay because they know there might be a harsh winter, or a drought, when there might not be enough grass available for the stock. No one has ever been able to predict when the hard times will come,...

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2018 1st Quarter Commentary – ALARMISM SELLS!

2018 1st Quarter Commentary ALARMISM SELLS!   Yes, alarmism sells when you are trying to sell newspapers or air time on television and radio. However, it is not always helpful to us as investors. Lately, we are being told that we should be alarmed about the...

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