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Our professionals teach financial planning and retirement planning classes at colleges and corporations throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Because we teach, it is imperative that each planner stay current on developments in the rapidly changing investment and tax environments.
The courses introduce key concepts and practices of wise money management for retirement. The courses are designed for retired individuals as well as those planning ahead for retirement. An optional private financial planning consultation is also included.

To register for a class, contact the college hosting the course at the phone number provided below. Our upcoming schedule for the following classes is shown below:

Retirement Planning Today (RPT)

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement (FSSR)

For more information about any of the classes or the topics covered, please contact our office  at 913-661-1770.


Class/# Wks

Starting Date


500 SW Longview Road
Lee’s Summit, MO 


FSSR/3 weeks 

September, 2021

NOTE: This will be an on-line class


Nick Kendall

K-State Extension Center
11811 South Sunset Dr.
Olathe, KS


RPT/3 weeks

October, 2021

NOTE: This will be an on-line class

Nick Kendall

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